We are looking for the best eSports players and teams


ESports Teams _

Do you have a team or do you want to create it? Are you looking for sponsors or sponsors? The segments that are experiencing the most growth are eSports and Virtual Reality. According to the SuperData consultancy, eSports are growing 26% annually, and Virtual Reality a spectacular 259%. Precisely, these new trends, together with the videos about games, are contributing to the videogame expanding its entertainment potential every day and reaching more global audiences, which is attracting the attention of the big corporations of the world of sports, of digital media and broadcasting, promoting important investments and acquisitions and, ultimately, their convergence with the traditional figure of the publisher. (White Paper DEV 2017)

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We are looking for the best players _

In Design and Law, we are constantly selecting the best electronic gamers and teams that need sponsors or sponsors. We have a portfolio of investors and sponsors wanting to position themselves in different sports disciplines in eSport.

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Sponsors and Publishers _

We have an investment portfolio in Sponsors and Sponsorships. Interest in eSports is driving major mergers and acquisitions internationally. In August 2016, Disney increased its stake in Bamtech, a streaming provider that has recently partnered with Riot Games to exploit the broadcast rights of its League of Legends franchise. On the other hand, already in 2015 the Swedish radio station MTG acquired Dreamhack (the largest LAN party in the world, where eSports competitions are held) and a majority stake, valued at 78 million euros, of the ESL, the largest global company of eSports. The operator also has a majority stake in the German studio InnoGames and recently acquired Kongregate, a web and publisher platform. In addition, the purchase of Time Warner (currently underway) by AT & T would allow the telecommunications operator to also control the Machinim...

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Education and events _

Due to our teaching and business experience in the videogames sector, we are creating specialized programs in simulators, corporate management of teams with top-level national and international professionals. Another activity not covered by the current regulation are bets on virtual events. This type of bets offers greater guarantees to the player and the operator, and represent an important source of innovation in the sector. At the international level, some operators even exceed in volume the virtual bet on the real bet. In Spain, highlights GoldenRace, with development centers in Malaga and Seville, leading the growth of the sector since 2014, with its offer of virtual event content.

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